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If you own an Android phone and are looking for cracked/free Android apps
woow cool,,
i usually use the blapkmarket[dot]cz one for this hehee
they had lots of .apk collection there
had anyone share this? i own nothing of course Big GrinD
Aptoide is the best way to get payed apps free, you do not even need to be rooted for it, if you download a payed app and it has licensing on it, to get a license without paying download lucky patcher and patch the app, you need to be rooted btw to do this.
I have a android hope this site works for me
cool share Smile
ty so much .. let's check it out
Oh neat

be taking a gander at this
very good ,very good
wow thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
grazie molte speriamo funzioni
(11-07-2012, 03:31 AM)xtheripper Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

4shared works just as good to get paid apps for free.
You can download the 4shared app for the Play Store Big Grin

You don't avoid curious providers when u use an app to get another. uFckr
>>>Plug the phone with the usb-cable and push the app direct to it.<<<

Btw, i'm looking for that evil spyphone app google removed a year ago
from the marketplace, whose can be directly installed to any target phones.
Not the anglocrap with user- backends in the usa or england (NSA is watching you Wink ),
which stores your victims stuff on their servers. That is junk!

I rahter prefer chinese stuff then us- or brit because they don't care
of copyrights or intellectual infringement. Searching chinese internet
gives a fullness of tools from bad to good, but, who is able in chinese??

[Image: 2rnizj6.jpg]
When I had an android phone I used an app called "black market" and it was awesome, tons of apps for free, and even I get the updates.

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