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OpenSim Grids start a huge growth!
Wasn't there a roleplay grid out there which closed down? The Gor Grid, then Roleplay Worlds? What happened there?
Probably moved to standalone and died ?

There used to be a kinggoon Sim in OSG too, but last times i tried to visit it was dead.
thanks i am going to try this out Smile
you testing!!! simple
seem like so good!
I am quite surprised we don't have yet a KingGoon OpenSim :?
Another option is to have a stand alone grid and hypergrid to OS grid and other major grids. The hypergrid meta verse has the potential to become the new internet and also replace SL if more people would become interested.
Thanks for this share OP Big Grin
osgrid no opensim? test
Opensim is great you get much more prims on your land plus cheaper to rent can't understand why SL has such small amount of prims on full sim it should have at least 20k prims 15k is not enough

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