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Pleased to meet you all, I'm Kuraudo.
I've been on Second Life for 5 years now and I've been wronged 5 times.

Each year another "reason" to get rid of me on "their" servers.
Spending so much money for things, and meeting people and owning a sim.

I lost all the items, I lost my sim.
Because one Linden noticed a trade between me and another "avatar"

The item in question wasn't genuinely obtained, and I was thrown off.
Reason why? "You were part of a trade, a trade of an Item that is against the T.O.S. thus you are no longer welcome in SL"

All my tickets were ignored, all my guest accounts that MADE those tickets were banned.

Thus I'm back now, not for revenge but just to spite them, I can now run around freely enjoying everything that those who work under them have been enjoying without getting into trouble.

Enough, this was supposed to be an introduction.. I don't often talk about myself so I hope that this explains my situation and what kind of person I am.

I'm looking forward to discussing and interacting with all of you.


Hmm coincidence 5 years 5 times.
Yeah I feel your pain. And I understand, most of us have gone through our trials and tribulations with the Lindens.
Most of us were and still are paying costumers but taking a different approach on SL.

I used to own a shop, at least 3 different plots of Land spent a little more than $1000 in the years I have played SL.
Till date I've had over 10- 15 avatars banned ( or more), the first 3 hurt the most, after that, I stopped giving a fuck.
To think, once a paying customer getting hunted down and annihilated, and for petty things,Pft.

smh, never again. I call it a learning experience. When the wool has been pulled off your eyes you realize that
things could be so much easier than they are now. LL doesnt deserve a penny of my hard earned money.

Well, welcome to the forums, there is a lot to see and learn here, enjoy your stay.
[Image: sv07qo.jpg]
this is sad.. Weclome! To king's Form/army of goons/anti-lindens/what ever we are but ya Welcome!
Thank you! Big Grin I'll enjoy myself here I'm sure!
Welcome Kurado. Familiar story...Most of us here have familiar experiences. You will find this forum a nice place to stay and I'm sure you will get all the info (and downloads) here to enable you to "fight back"
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