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Animatated Prostitution -SKYRIM-
Let you have sex with NPC's.

Just walk up and ask.
Sex lasts 60sec on a timer

:Note about Requirments...
Skyrim Patch 1.4 or above. (Mods that use the CK need to patch 1.4, you will get no dialouge other wise)

:Note about Getting Naked...
Just to be clear. AP is NOT a bodys mod. It Will NOT change any thing about how you look.
To get naked you will need 3rd party body changing mods.
I recomend...
CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod by CherryHotaling For Female body.
Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul For Males

:Note about bugs...
As it stands AP is 99% bug free.
As you may or may not know my AP's - OB through NV were all buggy as duck, but I worked em out as I went, fixing yesertdays bug while making todays.
Skyrim will not be the same, The rest of the AP are 50% Porn and 50% companion mod.
Thanks to the changes in Skyrim the companion 1/2 is just plain gone.
That leves just the Sex anims, witch in AP Skyrim are better then any I have made in the past. In F3 and NV once an anim started it was HARD to stop it. AP Skyrim has looping idles with twitch's to brake up the liner motions.

:Note #1 about AP installed and working.
You will need to activate both AP Skyrim.esp and AP Skyrim.esm to get dialouge working.
If you have another mod that slaves AP then you may not need the AP Skyrim.esp.

:Note #2 about AP installed and working.
There is a entery in the dusctions page. Try there.

:Note about Role Playing...
I have mostly relesed this as a Here this is how to do it, and hope other moders can use/expand on it.
If there is any-one out there that wish's to make this more quest/role play... DO IT. I'll use yours, as I have never liked the "Over the Top Sex with Every-One" AP style any more then you did.
I have even made and AP.esm so you can make a "Love" mod with out having to re-make all the work that went into AP.

:Note About Idle's Replaced...
NONE... Ma ha ha, Skyrim anim ARE posible, just HARD to get working.
It works buy "Hot Swaping" the player/npc race to a tempery Race(One for each Defult Race) and Replacing that Race's anims, So All Vinlla anims still work but I can play my "New Anim's" when needed.

:Note about Update'n from V1 to V1.SomthingHigher
You WILL need to remove the scripts in the Scripts folder. Bad things will happen if you dont.
I am now useing the archive tool like I should of to start with...
Rember to remove ALL the scripts that came in V1
Sorry for the incovenince.

:Knowen Bugs. ( I am working on fixing them...)

Player heir will change during anim. (Caursed Buy SetRace command... I fixed this in F3 with a FOSE plug-in, See Apendix A for a quick fix)
Some NPC's are not a defult Race and Vanish when you Try it on, I have set a fall back but thay may (WILL) look bad, as you bang em

:Apendix A (Set Race Hair Bug)
When a script calls SetRace the players/NPC's hair changes to the defult for that race. This is a problem on BethSofts end, I have bean asking them to fix it since OB. Give it a try. Who knows if 10k People ask It might happen in patch 1.5. Till then SetRace is the ONLY way to get new anims to play with out replaceing the old ones.

[To see links please register here]

i already got some of the best Sex mods for skyrim and some other mods that really lets the game have as much freedom as real life (to a point atleast)
Edit: misread thread my bad. Haha Sad
Id Love to figure out how to get skyrim anim into BVH format for SL. theres some awsome weapons anim.

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