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Hey thanks. :D
Hello to all admins. i was kind of curious to know if i might probably find other alternative viewers, besides Emerald about a month and a half ago since coming to times of wondering if there were, had googled for names of some... (Onyx Viewer, Neil-Life, etc) and was impressed to have discovered a lead to this remarkable forum.

Now i have to admit that i am very appreciative of the fantastic work done and offered here to help us all, and a special TY to King and Saxon for the SLBE mod. the extra features have come quite handy, especially for creating.

Spending more time to read posts though, i find that the stuff in the SL area is very helpful. Smile

Once again, i am proud to give many thanks for a good discussion board and wide choice of viewer mods to d/l.
and with that said folks, is a great example. You Sir! or ma'am! Deserves a hi5 ultra Handshake! Smile and your Welcomed!
welcome in Big Grin
[Image: s6u1bt.png]

Credit eNdOrFiNe

PS sorry my English IM italian
LOL I read first line and was thinking, dammit here goes another person that is too lazy to read forums asking questions...

I sure am glad I read it all =)

Welcome to our madness!

[Image: 25iys6u.png]
Welcome to the forum Big Grin
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Fuck you Skills Hak & Gemini Industries! Fucking Hipocrites!
Hello and welcome!

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