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Mesh Tutorials Link
I'm not sure why I still have to "Reply" to see the link but it does give me a chance to say thank you (because that's how I was brought up) and to say this will be enormously helpful in my quest to be a mesh designer. Looking forward to sharing my "stuff" with the forum.
You are very welcome everyone !...I hope it helpsSmile

and flotec hun , what does that mean ?

"I'm not sure why I still have to "Reply" to see the link"
thank you very much :o
Thanks a lot, it would help me many!
thanks broooooooooooooo
i have serious problem with ringing and sl , maybe this tutoria teach me what i must to do, thanks
I have to learn mesh!
Thanks you for all this tutorials i try to learn how adjust cloth on avatar
Posting for the tutorial, thanks Big Grin

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