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Did you ever fall in love in SL
Can people in SL find real love for RL, what is your experience about that,what you guys think?
Yes. Sad

I met my boyfriend in SL in summer of 2008 and he has been living with me in real life since January 2009.

Compared to real life the SL part was only a few months. Don't know how it has worked for others, but in our case it has been good.

Big Grin

Except when he does stupid shit like let my cat out the door by accident. :fucker:
i dont trust things online so for me its not possible
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Only with myself.
Hahahahahaha rofl. I have partnered my own alts before as a joke. Sick
I met my better half in SL dating online for a year. Then moved across the country to live together in real life. Next month is our real life 4 year anniversary.

Never say never because anything is possible if you want it that badly and are willling to work and fight for it.
I meet my bf in sl before 3 years we meet 5 times in rl and in time we will move togetherSmile)
You know, on the surface it seems possible and okay but when it comes down to RL 95% of the time it doesn't workout. I partnered like 7 times on SL, 3 went so far as daily phone calls, video chatting, phone sex etc..
1st SL wife..I'm in Texas, she's in Canada..we were glued together on SL, had the huge expensive wedding, I cheated on her (in SL), she banned me from her sim, never spoke to me again...I later found out she was a RL BDSM freakazoid who like to be tied up and beaten.
2nd SL Wife..Again, I'm in Texas she's in canada....we had the wedding..bought land and ungodly amounts of furniture. She's calling me at work in RL so much my boss had a shitfit over all the phonecalls, constant voice locked on for hours a day..within a month I found out she had an alt that was married for 2 weeks to another guy, while we were married! (Also found out she weighed like 400lbs in RL).
3rd SL wife..the roleplayer..We played in RP sims constantly together and got married in SL, but oddly she was never on the same team as me RP wise, always found something to throw between us in RP and even expected me to allow her to have another guy as a master in RP. Same deal, daily phone calls in RL,voice chatting,messenging while at work, I even babysat with her kid over voice once while she ran to the store to get dinner. She lived east coast and i was gulf coast, we talked about getting together and renting our own trailer or something..until she tells me she's dating other guys in RL. And again, I find out shes alting up and stripping for other guys without even telling me. She always assured me that no matter what we did in SL, we were RL together, but how can you trust someone in RL if they fuck you over in a game?
That one ended badly with her setting our skybox OnFire while she hung from a noose in her wedding gown. The wedding gown she never wore because she never bothered making any wedding plans...
Anyways..longstory short, all of the women I meet in SL tend to see it as an online community and/or game, while all of the guys I meet on SL see it as a free online dating service..

And without offending anyone, IF you are a gorgeous, sexy, goddess of a runway're probably not going to spend all of your free time on SL pretending to be married to somebody!
I love it when dudes think women look like their avies in RL lol!
I met my partner in sl, 5 anniversaries has made ​​within 4 days .... it is clear that not everyone can be trusted, but we do not play in sl casitas, just chat and laugh in the world. After three months 24 hours together I decide to leave my house I go 700km away along with the .
I also met many men fake hurt my heart but, lol, these now have shitty life and I be super happy with my partner.
I been married for almost 22 yrs... so certainly
not wanting a "partnership" in SL! But I know quite a few people
who met in SL and are married / together in RL. so yeah pretty
amazing! I just wish everyone the best... and as common as meeting
online is now, people still have in their heads it wont work out, so i hope
you prove that theory wrong! But hell, no relationships easy but here
it just makes it easier to dump someone over nothing and onto the
next person...
so best of luck to you all...

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