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Why did you choose your nickname? What does it mean?
Teresia is actually a character in my Ts2 Voice over series " Woodland Children ". In the Tevanian language it's supposed to mean " Tree mother " . " Tere " meaning Mother . " Sia " ofc meaning tree.
Mine is clearly a play on what we do. Dark, cuz we rip stuff and break TOS. Heaven, cuz of all the goodies we get/give. ^_^
Good question @The Abyss, I chose my personal nickname from a youtuber I'm watching regularly. He often uses these words and I started repeating them in my daily life so in a matter of time I decided to use it as nickname and since then this is what I'm using. lol
my answer is quite simple, really..
[Image: i-am-not-a-clever-man-29267706.png]
...because I keep bouncin' back after many a ban!


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...because you get to live more than once!
I choose to call myself Blanks
cuz' I've seen this nickname from my favorite manga series
I mostly like it because they describe themself as the All in One.
Not that I'm calling myself like that, but more like an empty character just like the anime. Meaw
This isn't the actual nickname I normally use, I made it up some time ago as an alter ego, I remember that night I was watching some bunnies on youtube, don't ask me why I am weird like that lol there's just something cute about them despite that they generally never do anything :P so I made it Bunnypau, pau is just a short for Paulina, not my real name but I asked myself what name would I go by if I had the chance to change mine and I love Paulina Big Grin
aww that's such cute story bunnypau I love it, oh gosh I wish I had awesome story to share but I just like the name mina it's cute, short, and easy to remember. I don't even remember how I thought of it. I play overwatch and kept trying different names until I got this one I think.
My nickname is the real name of my best friend. She have a big heart full of love and sweetness.
For this forum I took the name Micromania that could mean I'm huntig after little things


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