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Why did you choose your nickname? What does it mean?
My name is based off the legendary dinosaur T-rex. King of all reptiles you know!
Based on Dessel, later know as Darth Bane in the SW expanded universe.

And yeah, that probably shows how big of a nerd I am... :P
Aerosmith.  Hey, j-j-jaded!  Also, Southern girl, living a jaded life.  So thang.  Do yo thang.  Meh.  faill
well i am the kitty, i am banned from SL, but i am back, & they cant kill me =^.^=

ill just come back again
it's from the song by The Dresden Dolls. I love her. and me myself am kinda the boy in the song. Smile
"Reetkever" (Assbeatle)
I used this nickname in LAN party gaming.
I often literally stuck on someone's backside while gaming, to the point of annoyance.
I mainly killed my opponents with only a knife.
As a result, my opponents went completely crazy, the feeling of nowhere being safe.
In my young gaming days...
Emerald is my favorite color.
My name is the best prove that my keyboard is not coffee proof.  It is waterproof but the coffee in there, makes the keys sticky.
As One registers, the filled field goes blank and the next field is shown to fill up.  I didn't notice the spelling and I didn't look twice.
It could be worse.  It could be; EEEEEEEEmmmmmmmmmerald.   My name, "EEmmerald" stands for "Emerald" - my favorite color, my favorite jewel.  Smile

Something like this, is me;      

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Very easy. Bourbon because I like a good strong drink on the crystal rocks.. and Minxx, because I think of myself as a drunk pussy. ROFL. That is what it means, point blank. Great question. Hai nice to meet you all by the way.
Mine is also a rather simple one. It is one I have used for 30 years, a nickname I got in the military.

In short, because I was always "Kept in the dark and fed bullshit".
I choose Tipite as nickname 
because It's was my gameTags in school
my friend was call me like that 
so I keep it

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