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Why did you choose your nickname? What does it mean?
Well i didnt choose my name or nickname the name was given to me to originally be someones child avatar and it just kinda morphed into being my main avatar and name and has now just become my gamertag everywhere.
Well, mine is one I got a great many years ago in the military.

In short, it is because I was always kept in the dark and fed bullshit.
Fem'nominon , I used to Be Anon,hacking etc etc.. a friend used to tell me i was phenomenal at trolling  for info. and i used to jest with him it wasnt phenomenal it Fem'nominal, since iw as tada... a girl and sassy,and very cheeky..
and the name stuck.

[img][Image: wOQFXy1.jpg][/img]
I  dont  change  my  nickname ,  because  i  am  not a  devel ...  ,  and  dont  lie ..    that is  why  i  have  my  nick   12 years 
It's a variation of the title of this song, "tri poloski":

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It means "three stripes", which in this clip is referencing the three stripes of the Adidas tracksuit.
My original Avi is named McLovin. I loved the movie Superbad back then hence McLovin....Niceeeee.
I chose mine because it usually gets passed naughty word filters and I am childish lol.
The only downside is some games don't allow a name with that many characters, so I have to come up with an alternative, like OhPhook or something else shorter instead.
The story of my nick isn't as exciting as some of ya'll, it's just my rl name. Big Grin
Mine means I eat sperm, thought it would be funny xD
Well just beacose. I like to write random stuffs in nicknames lol

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