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HIPPO 0.6.2 SOURCECODE (Rare and pretious)
I am not surprised that nobody was share yet this source .. LOL ! Actualy it is very hard to find this source code for HIPPO 0.6.2 .

Why ? Because was take it down by developers , before to gain enought terrain . LL was ask the devs to take down this version , because :

It was and it is THE BEST TOOL TO IMPORT NORMAL OBJECTS OR SCULPTYE OBJECTS IN OpenSim WITH TEXTURES . The importer is never mesed up the sculpted objects and the all textures are fixed very good on the objects when you import in Opensim !!! Also , the export it is very good aswell and i think (i am 98% shure) that even neil was tuck some of the import functions from this source, to make siryus . I can't said this certainly because he will never release the source , but there are only 2 that did the best importer for opensim (normal objects, sculptyes and/with textures) : neil and Hippo developers.
I remember ,that one day he was very curious to ask in group skype what viewer exactly is the best to import in opensim... And i told him that thisone it is the best.
Hippo 0.6.2 is export only your files in a special format (means that files exported with another viewer canot be imported with Hippo)

Before to be too late i will ask for who know how to develop very good to use this tool to make THE BEST IMPORTER and keimo viewer because that is got THE BEST EXPORTER.

I can't do this because i dont know how... I am just starter in this domain (thanks to keimo that was patient to learn me the start) and nobody will ever help me to do it, in exactly this way like i need... Sad

Good luck guys , and if you make a good viewer dont forgot to share it pls.. !!!

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kool thanks alot bro Smile
One of these days I will take it apart. But you can also still get the source via svn to.

But like you said it is hard for most people to find.

svn co --username anonymous source
Thank you Ghost9!. Thx also to Keimo for the SVN
Dear honourable members:

I am quite afraid that the whole magical gate-doors to all these accesses to the world of Hippo's code, year 2010, are totally broken. Thus, I am providing here this other completely new and accessible gate-door-link, 2017-time, just in case thine noble wills could consider it suitable.

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Although, honestly, I do not know whether the best source code to work with today is this one or we should all always use someother else much more suitable to be modified with guarantees of modernity safety and effectiveness for our charming spells to make wonderfull things in those misterious magical worlds.

¿What is thine wise counseil?

this is ancient and probably almost nothing in it will work anymore but for a collector this is pure gold.
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I hated when the Hippo viewer stopped working.

I miss Ghost. I believe the FCT (French Connection Team) used this code to make the XML exporter for the first firestorm based copybot viewers and it is still present in Darkstorm. I'm not a programmer, I just remember the flow of the viewers and the bug fixes they worked out over time. If someone were to make another Firestorm viewer, this could be very helpful in that department.

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