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WHy are you in Second Life?
I know I am a bit late, but I too offer my condolences! Such a sweet thing of you to do! <3 Smile

My reason for joining SL is that my dad is in the hospital right now, in a part of the hospital where I'm not allowed to visit, so I was in desperate need of something to do with my days while I wait for him to get better! Smile I also enjoy taking a looot of screenshots!
Started plenty of years ago out of curiosity, cause at first it looked like 'open world game' and I was tired of WoW. Though it was completely something else, but I like it to talk with friends and hang out with them, do stuff, rip, and play with avatars.

Nothing special really, I just don't have anything to do few hours each day! :P
I ran huge xploder party's every weekend in SL for 3 years in a row (average 60 - 101 visitors all weekend long). Eventually got bored with all the drama in SL and since i got most my fun from building stuff, and tired of paying LL a couple of hundred bux a month. I moved to OSgrid.

Thats around when i hit these boards. (Needed my avatar and stuff). But since it was a royal pain porting stuff between the grids, i gave up on it pretty fast. Hence you don't see me downloading a lot here, as i simply don't give a fuck about SL "designer" clothing and pixels. If whole Lindenlalaland explodes and ceases to exist tomorrow, i won't miss it for a second. I don't mind "piracy" as i know the most stuff in SL is severely overrated and way too expensive. And since greed is the one thing fucking up the world, i don't really want to be part of it. (So to all leechers, i suggest to post or pay, just greed won't cut it here).

In OSG i help the new people setup their simulators, (i've literally setup 100's of regions) configure routers/firewalls/vpn's/network and provide in stuff that is hard to find without search. I built loads of shit, and all i make is full perms.To me, it's not much more than pixels on a screen, has no more value than any average youpron vid.

Here on KG you'll find me sharing other stuff than SL rips, (i spent less than 10 minutes in SL pas 3 years) but mostly reading about the tech side of things, and browsing the non SL stuff & the fun & lulz topics.
For the rest i'm into networking, security and gaming. (If someday a subtopic on Gaming is setup, i will volunteer to moderate if needed).

And since forums are community's, and only posters & leechers don't make one, i'm happy that people also share their know how, rather than just post some triple ripped outfits. But thats just my 5ct's, each can have it's own scrutinous reasons to be here.
I came to Second life because my ex and his parents were there. just like most old newbies I fell for the vampire hype. I was planning on leaving when they accused me of being someone I wasn't but then I got an SL daughter and she is now my RL adopted daughter. Nearly four years ago I met me Hubby ldctmc on SL and we have been together ever since, in RL and SL. We are both builders and here now hoping to stay up to speed on all the new lovely things. I'm in SL Im adicted and have family there. happydancer

(11-30-2013, 01:19 PM)Ṱinygooṋ Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.Why? hmm well to steal stuff mostly but at times to enjoy the little things , most times just to visit my wife's avatar she passed away a few years ago so its the only thing I have left and to look after her old store as it allows her to share with expression to the world as she no longer can .

I am sorry for your loss Tinygoon and hope you're doing ok. I have lost family to so I know your pain. My SL father and a few best friends over the years. Its ok to be a little down during the holidays. Just be sure to stay happy and remember the good things you loved about those people. Hugs.
I like playing dress up with my avi, lol. I've met a few really great people on there too and I think its the people that make SL what it is and keep me going back.
I originally came to Second Life because a client wanted to establish a presence there as a part of their marketing campaign. Well, to make a long story short, the client ultimately decided not to go forward, but in the course of exploring the possibilities, I got addicted to it.

For me its all about hanging out with the many friends I have made and interacting with them in ways you just cant do on forums and chat rooms.

Also, it allows me to nurture my creative side. I love making and building things and second life is an inexpensive way to create things I could never do in RL....the imagination is the limit.

And of course there is the fantasy side of can explore just about any fantasy you can imagine.

All in all, despite all the negative sides, I do enjoy my second life.
I came to SL by my best friend request. She was there and intriduced me to lots of ppl from my country. Then we had a big RL figth and we stopped being friends so I started exploring SL by myself. Suddenly I found new friends, new places... Started to build, met boyfriends ( like 10 hahaha) and one day, met thi CCS player, really sweet that invited me to play with him...

Got married with him in SL, and after a few years, came to his RL country and married him RL. He left SL, I am still here with my SL family (got a SL daugther that is my RL best friend now)...
Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.

Percentage of users and how they use SL:

40% - To get positive attention from others.
40% - To get negative attention from others.
10% - To get any attention from others.
5% - To learn, create, explore, evolve.
5% - Don't know.

Saw this somewhere and thought it very apt.
I stumbled on it one day and loved all da RP and interaction. Den i found a mate and we been together for almost 7 years in sl. Long time in sl years
Reason for being in SL ... pretty simple ... gambling and porn! Yeah I know but hey when i started SL was actually fun. Now I make my own fun. Not the same though. Kinna miss the old days
"Don't feel bad. A lot of people have no talent."

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