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WHy are you in Second Life?
I do find there's a lot of people in SL that are narcissistic. Yesterday I got gas-lit by one person who works with me, and I did not do anything wrong why would she go after me? 

but it's true what they say people and SL are trying to run from their RL. You can't change your core personality even if you can change the look of your avatar.  Sad
I love the fact that it makes the world feel smaller people from all around the Earth are on this game and it makes me feel good because without it I wouldn't have met the great people I have!
A friend told me about SL.  I tried it and was mesmerized, mostly by the variety of avatar styles and how they matched with AO animations that were so close to real life expressions.  But then there was more.  It was 2006 and I would log prime time NA and there would be like 3,000 people on, haha.  Then I got invited to go dancing at a club, Bad Girls, where I learner about slex.

I got my heart broken like three times, had sex with my first shemale learned some important lessons about virtual life after than. Then I started to try to make things and learn about 3D.  Now I remember other good friends who unexpectedly died in RL.
I like the sandbox appeal, being able to create my own characters and such. But honestly my experience here has been pretty lonely. Not that I mind. I just really like how expansive it is, and remembering that every place I go to was made with TLC by somebody talented, not just another corporate ass clown.
I joined SL in 2008 after I had lost my business and my home to serious injury that had me laid up, the people i thought were friends didn't bother to visit me so i decided to make virtual friends.

I met my current partner a month after starting, I have been a stripper, escort, male model, store manager and pose creator. I have been a husband and father too. All things that I have been unable to accomplish in real life.

I have made and lost many friends in SL but I can be whoever and whatever I want to be without judgement or prejudice.
It was a quite a few years ago, when I was young and stupid. Not so young anymore but still stupid. XD
I had LimeWire running 7/24 to the point when my "provider" sent me a warning about my upload rate being outrageously way off their charts.
I was a member of several forums, back then. All of them had their ups and downs, not to mention a herd of trolls raving through the web with a simple goal to piss off as many people as they could.

Someone mentioned SL, somewhere and I decided to go see it. My first impression was that SL is like a 100s of forums combined. Various interests, various topics, various communities.
Yes, my "beloved" trolls were there already too, but somehow easier to cope with, simply by using the "mute" button.

Real Life has better graphics, but so often the plot sucks and there is not much you can do about it. While at the same time, in SL you are in charge of the developments.

So, I saw the opportunity to meet, socialize, learn and create. With a steady stream of some 35 K members ( back then ) on line, 7/24 it was very hard to get bored.
before I noticed, I was spending all my free time in SL. I got myself to the point, when I could hardly tell the difference between RL and SL. That was scary to realize.
There is simply no way to be bored there, unless one just sits and waits for others to entrained. As one of the motivational speakers said once, "Life is not boring, you are boring."

So, I have been there staidly ever since. Contributing to various aspects of life in there.
It is fun all the time. The fun has it's limitations in SL, but that is easily fulfilled in other grids.
My story in a nut shell. Smile
Like many others this was my escape from reality. I am also trans in rl and it gave me an outlet for me to be my true self. So its helped with self discovery and finding my chosen family.
An escape from reality and i love 3d modeling
I joined with a friend who was interested, just played dress up before my friend's RL partner starting getting upset about how much time they were spending on SL with me

Took a break before coming back to see what else it offered outside of just my doll avi lol

Ended up meeting someone that I really connected with, which shocked me. It's still unusual to me, for many reasons....

And as said by others in here that I saw, they're right, you're you regardless. Why I laugh at the people who make an alt for reasons outside of building/business/testing. Whatever issues you had with the first avi, you'll have in the next one. It wasn't the avi that caused the issues. If you're having those kinds of problems then it's time for some self-reflection and introspection to see what's at the core of it
It has as much customization as Halo: Custom Edition. I can make just about anything. Models, textures, animations, sound effects... It lets my creativity run freely.

Other than that, it's absolute crap. lmao

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