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Second Life Accounts.. WARNING.
Be prepared, reporting an account as compromised involves that they will lock the account down until you can send in proof of identity and it has to match the account to secure that ownership belongs to you. Mileage varies but it took a month when I had to do that.
Fractured Crystal: You know ban evasion isn’t in the TOS, right?
SL banned? Search 'technitium', 'MAC changer', 'serial changer', 'ban evasion', 'VPN', 'IP ban', 'hardware ban'.
As a Gemini I can argue any side of everything with equal conviction.  You have been warned.
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Thanks for the warning. I guess this is to avoid account stealing, but you should still be able to sell your account. I remember people selling their World of Warcraft characters on EBay. So an SL account with tons of items, should also be worth selling too. The TOS is too strict at times.
(10-31-2015, 06:13 AM)Sensual Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.Please be aware if you are going to take over someones account from SL and you both live in different countries, LL detects logins!, YES THEY DO!

The buying and selling of SL accounts is a risky business, i know because it recently happened to me. 

I live in Argentina and i even put my Address and payment info on the account.

They Put the account on hold and emailed me asking what county i started the account in. to match their records.

Even though i knew the secret question!
Even the DOB and name of the account !!

FUCKING BASTARDS!.... Please be careful. Angry
Thats interesting.. I log in via VPN from "all over the world" right here from work... never got even a peep from Labs.
I once sold my main account and it got banned for this very reason LL is very smart and you can not outsmart them when it comes to selling your account or even letting your friend borrow it.
Okay, stupid question time. Why do people buy accounts on SL rather than make their own? I don't really understand this concept.
My partner recently bought a legacy account...or rather i bought it for her,

She wanted it purely because she didn't want people to know she was an alt.

This is probably something I will never really understand but the female mind is very complicated....

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