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second life diary :)
second life society is growing bigger everyday and to be honest it is a place where u can be whatevr you want...
the charm of imagination is only found in this great interface
i open this thread as a diary so everyone can share or post a memory or a picture or a thought about this fantastic second life universe Smile
be free to post anything u like Tune

my first post will be about love and affection... about loving and being loved  Love

[Image: 2196nh0.jpg]

nice thread. i'm not playing SL anymore im only make things and sell them on marketplace. if i will go back then im gonna share here my diary Smile

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Priceless Evil Love
[Image: 2fsISfh.gif]
aw great thread
replove send for a great idea Smile

~ hugz ~
(11-22-2015, 03:01 PM)Katerina P. Wrote:

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[Image: 2ylrcyu.png]

Priceless Evil Love
this made my day! LMFAO
I met my bestfriend four years ago on secondlife and it was the best day of my life!
We have the best convos I have never met anyone who gets me like they do or even understand me as much as she does besides my rl bf. But she has stayed besides me through weird situations hard situations and even the good things. I have to say secondlife is a great place to find lasting friendships I almost gave up having friends on secondlife until I found her. Friendship is a must to make Secondlife fun and enjoyable if you are new try going to hotspots or hangout places! You may find people who have similar interest or maybe when you search search your favorite songs artist games or even art.

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