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Mesh Heads
(01-19-2016, 04:38 PM)rieszer Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.I still use system head but with Mandala ears. I've been tempted to try some of the mesh lips bit I can never seem to get them looking seamless on my face shape.

Are there any mesh heads besides Catwa that allow for custom UUID skins that use the same texture mapping as default SL skins? I might be more tempted to try one if I can customise it.

VCO use standard SL mapping but as to what they 'allow' off the shelf i don't know. but of course once you rip them, they allow anything you want. Big Grin also they are not rigged, which means a straight rip to DAE and reup is all you need to do.
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my wife is not only a shop-a-holic she is a new-stuff-aholic lol.

poor flagg lmao Wink
I have Slink, Genesis and Catwa so far, not crazy about any yet.
I'm hoping Project Bento might bring more flexibility with mesh heads, so I think I might wait on getting one til I hear more info about that. I wish mesh heads could be tweaked using the face sliders, like how the mesh bodies change shape with body sliders.
So I tried the demo for the Catwa Jessica head today and I actually reallly like it a lot...

I like how on the HUD there's a button right at the top to apply UUIDs for everything - skin, eyeliner, eyebrows, blush, lipstick, etc.  The facial features can't be adjusted but the head can be made slightly more round or long, which helps a little bit.  I'm not a big fan of how wide the jawline is, so that's a drawback for me personally.

Here are some different skins on the head, and though I still recognise the facial features like the nose and lips looking the same, it isn't as bad as some I've seen for being so clone-like.  

I haven't bought it yet since it's pretty expensive, but this is probably the one I like best so far... does anyone have the Catwa Jessica head and if so, how do you like it?

[Image: songs.jpg]

[Image: skinnerymain%2B%25281%2529.jpg]

[Image: catwa_meshre.png]
i like catwa and lelutka
I bought the TMP classic,Catwa Jessica and Logo Chloe.I bought Chloe first and thought it was sexy but the mouth was a bit pouty and I then saw someone with a tmp head. I then got that and loved it with an Esode applier called "Avery" It was a great match to my Belleza body...the retrofit version. It was the "Classic" tmp head. But god that shop of shops is such a nightmare experience. Far too confusing to see anything with that big hud on your screen.
I then thought the TMP head looked a bit aggressive after a while and purchased Catwa Jessica which,with
Wow Brook" head(Wow skins) looked very soft and nice.
So tossing up between TMP and Catwa now. It really depends on the makeup quality I think.catwa head has good emotions, an easy hud,and is Omega applier friendly which are three plusses. TMP is more glam but more static...fewer expressions and aloof looking. It has the style hud and fewer options for customizing.
[Image: 22303276316_a09c592f6e_c.jpg]

I ended up buying the Catwa Jessica head and I've been wearing it lately with some Glam Affair (Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.) and Deetalez appliers ("Joice" - ripped from a demo.  I can upload it later if someone is interested, but you'll have to pay the upload fee because it's just photoshopped from the demo).  

The nose is a fairly boring shape, so I like using the Deetalez Joice skin since it has a cute button nose on the tip.  I wanted a head with large, expressive eyes and smaller lips since most of the mesh have huge lips that imo overwhelm the face... and I think for me the Catwa Jessica has delicate enough features to be pretty close to what I wanted.  One gripe is that at some angles the mouth/jaw looks a bit like she has an overbite but I guess I can learn to live with that.

The HUD is amazing and really easy to use, and was part of why I decided to go with this head.  There's a button you press then paste a UUID right into there and it reskins the head, lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, blush, etc right there with the UUID... super easy.  I discovered that a lot of makeup demos (esp Angelica) can be used on this head because the demo watermark is on the forehead or cheek, which doesn't show when you use the lip UUID applier on the HUD Big Grin The expressions/emotes are also pretty cute, but I dunno how much I will actually use them.

I was planning to wait on more development with Project Bento to go for a mesh head but after reading this thread I got really curious about it... but I still really hope the new facial rigging can improve these even more and make them look that much more natural.
TMP Fiertze... Was attempted to buy Logo Alex, but no option to try skins on demo. Still can not find prettier then tmp Big Grin
TMP Body and Swallow mesh head for me !!!! 
only sucks not can remove damn ears with alpha hud to attached ma plug ears 

[Image: 2zhmm1t.jpg]

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