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Mesh Heads
M3 Venus by far. I wanted to go for the anime/manga look and it's perfectly suited for the Kemono body after considerable amounts of tweaking.
I don't mind a few of the Genesis heads, but I haven't committed yet. I'm not a big fan of the shape of the Catwa head (cannot unsee that upturned nose) but some skins make it look lovely.  Meaw
I use the GA.EG Kristen mesh head, and love it. The hud is great too.
I always found "The Shops" heads to be beautiful..

However the CATWA heads are way easier to use and actually look really nice.

The CATWA heads have a blending animation hud that are a kind of blend shape.

Not to mention they have alot more face options.

On another note the shops did release something on their Facebook about how they will be updating their heads. Linden labs are helping them to rig the heads for the new BENTO skeleton facial system.

Once the bugs are all worked out these heads will lag a lot less as it will require less tris.
Thus far I seem to fall back on my CATWA head 9-10 times. Others are nice and pretty but CATWA seems to work best for me.
That being said I also think the CATWA owner does a pretty OK job with listening to customer feedback on improvements. She is one of the few who actually does something with the feedback which makes me already give her a +1.
Many skins come out for the CATWA heads, the heads are not all immensely different that skins not made for a certain head wont work. They often do work.. in a surprising good way.
Other benefit is that other creators also start to make out more and more compatible 'layers' for this head, which helps in making this head more your own.
Hail to the first creators that will be able to make these type of meshheads more modifiable. As I still have to get used to having big eyes after so many months.
I use the Jonny variant of the Niramyth's heads, but I also use a face applier to make it look different from the regular userbase, then I accessorize with mesh stuff, like beard and the likes.

It kinda makes me wonder if most people complaining that "It's impossible to look unique with a Niramyth head" are really making any effort whatsoever to look different.
(01-10-2016, 05:16 PM)Kitten Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.Genesis.

But there is a slight neck seam issue when you use a system body.

When I use zero fat, my neck gap goes away.  Sometimes there is an obvious seem when my skins don't match.
System head - I'd consider using a mesh head if I were doing a bunch of photography, but after demoing dozens, not one has come close to looking like me, and most I can pick out just at a glance which makes me even more not want to get one (I don't want to look like everyone else), or have something 'off' that I just can't get past (lips too big, eyes too small, nose just not right).

Maybe with Bento rigging they will reach a point where enough tweaks can be done that a head shaped close to my current head can be made to look like me while not looking like everyone else wearing the same head.
The only thing I have against system heads is the nose, there are always some weird lines around the nose that I just couldn't get around to eliminate unless I changed my head shape, if it wasn't for that, I would probably be still rocking a regular system head Big Grin
I think mesh heads are way overpriced for what they offer.

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