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Mesh Heads
I don't use mesh heads in SL, but once I exported Catwa head, just for the study, and it turns out it has 1.5 million polygons more or less. Sl default avatar has around 6000. Now i know, the mesh had has extra layers and stuff and the only way to make it is to duplicate geometry, but that's the reason more why I'm so frustrated with creating content for sl. you have to do a lot work to cheat 10 year old game engine and as end resoult you create some insanely laggy monstrosity and sell it on the marketplace.

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this is my wip for the mesh body, and this head only has 4000 triangles. with the stolen skin and eyes tho xD
I will post it mesh section for download once i get access to it Big Grin
I actually only use the Mesh heads from Utilizator. The anime heads.
And whatever sims dont allow anime heads, I just slap a visor and mask on, and done XD
(11-30-2016, 12:16 PM)graves01 Wrote:

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I don't use mesh heads in SL, but  once I exported Catwa head, just for the study, and it turns out it has 1.5 million polygons more or less.

The new Catwa bento heads finally do away with the duplicated layers commonly expected with anything that is alpha-switched frame animated.

Non-bento heads had almost a hundred layers, which no doubt contributes to the insane triangle count.

Hopefully bento heads will make all non-bento heads disappear fast, making busy sims a less laggier place.
(01-10-2016, 02:49 PM)Coyote Wrote:

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which mesh heads do you like the best, find easiest to use?

I find Catwa Mesh heads the best so far. Their Mesh heads come with a hud that does expressions.  Especially now that they have came up with their 2nd Bento head.  You can cheaply change faces too.
Me and my friend looking to buy good quality mesh heads

He wants a mesh head for a male - Please recommend Top 3 stores who is also cheap but good quality.

I need a Mesh head for female - I don't mind the price but good quality mesh head. Please link me the inworld store or marketplace.

Im not sure about bento would work on standard firestorm.

 [Image: hng9x3y]
merged your thread with this existing thread - maybe you get some inspiration by reading it. Do check dates, since the thread started before Bento updates.

a website to get help from : h ttp://

bento works on Firestorm h ttp://
[Image: 24a64x283bypa47zg.jpg]

Omg i'm a poor little girl in opensim with Maitreya Lara 3.5 and Lelutka Simone meshhead 1.6 
th pink one is the body hud and the blue one for the meshhead ;p
I use the head bento lelutka hud super even if little makeup available, the joiture with a maitreya body is perfect :p
(01-10-2016, 07:25 PM)Sahulat Wrote:

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I only use Niramyth (male) but most times I replace the head with a legacy one.
I look forward to the development of heads that can do facial expressions
(Project Benten).

I heard that the Bento head does that..or that a Bento Mesh Head is being developed or something that will allow for facial expressions.
Why don't mesh head makers tint their skins to match the body makers. Everyone struggles to match the to the body, they are always off gray vs orange. I guess so they can sell appliers

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