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Use Blender to create an Alpha Mask!
A quick video on the method I use to create alpha masks for mesh clothing in Blender. You need Blender (of course), Avastar, and a photoshop or gimp program.
There are many methods to do this, this is just the quickest easiest way that I use. Hope this helps!

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Interesting way to get around the need for scripting select-able alpha show / hide areas on a copied body, though it sure seems like a lot of work to create an alpha layer / skin applier for each skin / clothing item (I guess not too bad if you wear only one skin and really like the outfit).
I just make it a part of an outfit upload. Usually the mesh fits without any need for alphas, but every now and then something will poke through. I was moving kinda slow in the video, usually I can whip that shit out quick lol.

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