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More Than 2500 mocap bvh OS grid animations
I uploaded some of aleatory of there files to OS Grid and al worked.  They are not for sl yet but there is a project  to convert it to sl.

It is not a copybot... All of these animations are free to use (read Below the usage rights). I spent an entire eveninig dowloading each file... Then zconverted in one zipped file. There are also excel and txt files naming each animation.

Source: Carnegie-Mellon Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database

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CMU places no restrictions on the use of the original dataset, and I
(Bruce) place no additional restrictions on the use of this particular
BVH conversion.  If you do use it for something, I'd be interested to
hear what you're using it for, so feel free to drop me an email.

Here's the relevant paragraph from

 Use this data!  This data is free for use in research and commercial
 projects worldwide.  If you publish results obtained using this data,
 we would appreciate it if you would send the citation to your
 published paper to, and also would add this text
 to your acknowledgments section: "The data used in this project was
 obtained from  The database was created with funding
 from NSF EIA-0196217."
I remember these, the issue was a lot of the animations seemed to be broken i.e. head bone flipped 180/bones drifting and such.
though, its not difficult to clean up and re-target, its good practice, its fun to browse through all the animations.

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