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When copying mesh objects.. Do you copy the sculpt textures too?
When you start copying mesh.. Do you copy the sculpt textures too? Even if its just a array of colors, and nothing related to the thing your copying?
as the lab introduced mesh in around 2011 they did not create a new prim type, they extended the type sculpt (7) with a new subtype mesh (5).
so if you inspect mesh with the viewer you see something gray where on true sculpts reside the sculpt map texture.
this grey part does not have an associated texture thats why it is gray like unloaded textures.
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so if you rip sculpt buildings (or mixed objects) the sculpt map is already in the exported xml BUT NOT the mesh part.
the mesh needs to be exported seperate (obj or dae) combined with the xml.
I rated for assets once but that is no longer necessary. Try the XML2-tools.

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