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Sync'd Motion GENTE
SYnc'd Motion GENTE

Hope yall enjoy it 


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Thank you for the share!
Maybe post a picture to the item itself. Video doesn't seem to want to work.
not sure but when i try to upload the 3rd one its to big sl wont let me upload it
seen this posted elsewhere or this is a post from goonSq***,
Did anyone get these dances to work inworld? They don't work for me. Not really sure why. It let me upload them but when I try to play them to start dancing my avatar just stands there.
a question why if I downloaded the dances in a hud, my ava does not dance, I'm doing something wrong
@theyadorehey @chrisanthemeslyder  During the upload, did you happen to pick a so-called "Animation Priority" for it?

What likely is happening, the Animation Priority for these dances by default are 2, while they better be level 3 or 4.

That's why you don't see the movement - your AO's animations are likely higher level than 2, and so you never see
these dances move your ava.

You want to upload BVH files with the latest Firestorm which will show you this dialog:
[Image: DyqbxNM.png]

You want PRIORITY 4 and you want to LOOP dances.

Alternatively, you could just upload animatn files which most likely will give you looped priority 4 dances.

Here's a fresh set of BVH and anim files for you:  Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.



PS: I don't know how to deal with BVH files being too big in some viewers, that does happen with Firestorm.

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