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Lynda Tutorial: Maya 2018 Bifröst Fluids
Maya 2018 Bifröst Fluids

Released: 11/8/2017

Bifröst for Maya 2018 includes many welcome updates to the liquid simulation plugin, Bifröst Fluids. With Maya 2018.1, Arnold supports exciting new ways to render fluids in better fidelity without heavy mesh caches. This course takes an overview of simulating liquids in Bifröst and rendering in Arnold. For convincing materials, instructor Aaron F. Ross shows how to extract fluid dynamics data such as vorticity and apply it in an Arnold shading network. To finish the exploration of fluids, he takes a look at Bifröst foam, which generates secondary particles from the main fluid.
Topics include:

Bifröst basics
Analyzing the node structure
Emitting from a polygon mesh
Colliding with a polygon mesh
Adding velocity, friction, and drag with motion fields
Optimizing space and time accuracy
Caching simulations
Meshing and exporting liquids
Render-time meshing in Arnold
Applying channel data to Arnold shaders
Generating foam from a liquid
Rendering and shading foam in Arnold


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