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hey .:: Cyra ::..
I wanted to ask your permission I found trick to get all stuff for free from another copybot site, without having to sign up or pay anything, it's very easy to use and you can get stuff that aren't here and even new copy bento viewer, would it be okay to share this in tutorial or would I be breaking the rules.
*lol* I don't think anyone cares about that *other copybot site*. Everything they have there was posted here first anyway.
you dont have to ask me for permission hun .... we are GOONS of course we dont care from what forum or marketplace the link is from .... as long the share is good ~ winks ~
but Cyanide (hugz ya) may be right ... most stuff they took it from here ... thats one of the reason why we have such strict rules.

~ smiles ~
[Image: wsfQmrH.png]
I would also pass on their viewer or any other of their software offerings.
hi how can i get in to vip i lost my old password from darla bade but now i cant get in ?
(02-04-2019, 05:11 PM)jokeahne Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.hi how can i get in to vip i lost my old password from darla bade but now i cant get in ?

Click on "forgot password" it will send you an email where you can recover it.
Good luck.

[Image: wsfQmrH.png]
The other sites have really old versions of our software that have a lot of bugs and issues, plus they hacked a lot of it. You're taking a real gamble using any of it. For instance, they have the OLD version of Gina's MeshesSL that does not have the material face bug fixed, so you could waste a lot of time and money using it only to find out that the uploads you paid for won't texture correctly. Honestly, I don't want anything the other sites have, we were the first, the best, and quality has always been first here. Please don't try to bump your way out of leecher status by posting poopsquad shares.

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