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Worl Cup 2018
I'm just going to open this topic for people who are interested in football because next month the world will be football Smile I was looking at the great opening and I was very disappointed . 10 minutes and one middle finger . Blq
This world will die , because peoples are hungry ... hungry for MORE
hahahah i saw that too even i dont like fussball ...but its WM so i will look too
oh lord shame on us ....germany lost against mexico 0:1 ...... but i like it...i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mexico and they made nice party here....i am 6ft2 tall (with heels) for a woman really tall and was standing between mexicoppl.... they were so neat and friendly they picked on me because i am so tall and i picked on them because they are minion for me hahahahhaha

~ hugzzzzzzzzzzz ~
I could never understand sports. I've been trying to get into it because I need something to watch other than anime and documentaries.
I don't know, i live in brazil and everybody is mad about football here, everybody loves it, but it was never for me, i love the world cup for all the wrong reasons, no classes, new songs, Family reunions hahaha

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