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Request KDU 7.10.xx source aka (7A)

i'm looking for last kakadu sources ( i have nor above 7.8)

PM me

Bumping this up, I'd like this too, my highest is 7.5 my bad I realized what I have too like the OP is 7.8 but yeah if anything higher can be had it'd be a good thing
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Me too mee too (for linux).
I have only v4 for windows

I would try to put my tools into a very straight forward ripping viewer (v1.23 based)
(no sound, no voice, no video, no photo-tools, no social media, no windlight and all that crap)
I rated for assets once but that is no longer necessary. Try the XML2-tools.
Bumping this up too,
I also look for havox

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