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Skinnery Monique Champagne
For a RL friend that knows of my, let's say, illegal activities. 

She wants this face - Skinnery - Monique - Champagne (Milk, too, if doable). 

She has the body appliers (updated) for these two tones and agreed to let me get them from her. 
I'll be taking it to share this weekend when I have more time. 
Expect UUID list soon Smile

The only request that I have is that, these faces come with 2-3 versions, please send us the whole HUD...
Thank you.
Do you have a pic by any chance hunny? Maybe if we see it, we can help Smile
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[Image: 349ao8w.jpg]

Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.

Thank you kindly!!
Anyone so far? XD
All I can do is clean the demo and paste the picture here, so I think your friend will have to upload the texture to create an UIID. If not work like this, anyone feel free to tell me. Smile
Thanks for the offer, but I guess I'll pass.
Not for the 10 lindens, of course. But for the fact that said skin is one of those with line marks everywhere, and not very easy to do, otherwise we would have done ourselves. We tried a couple times and whether we use gimp, photoshop or inpaint, it's just one of those that will blur no matter what.
Thanks for the offer however.
Hi, i have in Sorbet and Toffee tones only. But not whole hud,only one skin per tone. Do you still want?

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