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Hello ...
Hello everyone!

I have been online on this forum for a while, but I am not able to login with my main account. I needed to reset my computer and it messed up all my passwords and emails. Now I am not able to login with Unicorn-Queen :Sad
I wrote an email to the support but didn't get any answer. Is there a way to get my main account back, because I was paid vip with it :/ 

Hope anybody is able to help :///
Okay, I am trying this again...
Is there anybody who can help`?
It*s this account.... Hopefully anyone is willing and able to help :///
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I did send papabear many messages to come online because we need his help urgently.
I am so sorry i cant help you. I dont have the passwords for the forum to log in and give
you your account back hun even i am the headmod here.
I have no clue if and when he comes online ... i did try hard to get him online but i cant
reach him nor with whatsapp, calling his cellphone or sending SMS.

[Image: wsfQmrH.png]
Hello Cyra!
Thank you for responding and letting me know that you do your best to keep the forum up and running. And also don't give up on contacting him...
I really really really hope that he will be back here soon and helps to keep the forum running Smile
It's sad that I am not able to get my account back soon, but I try to be patient....

Take care my dear and thanks again for doing your best *hugs*

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