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So what's so good with the genus head?
So everybody says the genus head is the best is the hype real? I make content for multiple mesh heads so I don't see what's so good about it? I know the genus head has an HD layer for the lipstick so that's a good thing, but everything else seems pretty mediocre. Their demo head is not even close to the final product no HUD can't test skins I like. Right now it cost is 3000 but regular price will be 5500 that's more than Catwa. Is the general public Lemmings and just buying into the hype?

[Image: jVXQWsF.png]
[Image: tGB4zw0.png]
yES!! I believe that, most fall into the hype and later they never even use it in the long term. Remember Lola's Tango, Pat ass (or whatever), or mesh heads before animated heads, those are some basic examples of how people are so pushed by impulse to get what's everyone is talking about or using, rather than wait. (that's good if you are a merchant tho)

In my opinion i think Genus has potential, although im not close to buy it any soon, until i see more designers creating for this head.

Nice topic!
Well they don't allow it to be open creation you have to apply for a creators kit. So most likely no unless they think you're a special snowflake enough.
Did you rip the head fully rigged and Bento'ed? Let us know when you do
just a reshaped Genesis 3 Head,
what was a Bento rigged Genesis 2 Head,
what was a rigged and reshaped Genesis 1 static Head
I rated for assets once but that is no longer necessary. Try the XML2-tools.
I'd be interested to see the UV map of this head compared beside the Catwa.
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Your wish is my command, I took each head and unwrapped tehir UVmaps into a decent devkit for either. The catya has many more prims and material faces so it lags with texture loading. The Genus has 10X more vertices and lags to load mesh. A more perfect head would find a happy medium between the two.
Here's the set.

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