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Getting estate banned list infos
Hello, i wanted to know if there is actually a viewer that allows me to see the list of the estate banned avatars. 

ty by advance
thats server sided, if a viewer hacks into that ur susceptible for an actual lawsuit
And what is the point of this?

Unless we are actually on a gov website, unless you are a cop or linden lab employee, you should rather had shut your mouth instead of answering with such Linden Asss-licking answer.

Oh. I got a better target for you, go there in Second Life, go find those who are making millions profits by cheating people with rigged gambling (skill games) or stealing content, and go tell them this "ur susceptible for an actual lawsuit"

Will you get enough balls for this?

I have already did.And directly to their so called ghost "CEO"

Grow some balls , go tell them this and then we can continue our discussion
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manyandlady3592 gave you some good advice.  If you find a viewer that can do that, then you're open to the legal charge of compromising a computer system, and in the US, that's a Federal crime.  In the US, anyone that helps you with this action is deemed an 'accessory to the commission of that crime,' and also subject to both extradition and prosecution in the US.  Remember Kim Dot Com?  That could be you and whoever helps you.  That... is what you are asking someone here to do, to be an accessory in your crime.  For you to be reckless, careless w your own freedom, reputation, and lifestyle, that's up to you.  The point of this is that the legal aspects I've described in this message simply are not a matter of opinion and will not go away by you making a brave-sounding noise and acting disrespectfully.  The point of this is that your question is about hacking and KGF isn't about hacking.  The point of this is that KGF is wrong forum for such a question, which is why your question will likely be ignored.  You might try some other place, maybe.  I am sure there's a honeypot out there, somewhere, with your name on it, so rush, my friend!  Rush into the danger!   confident
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