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Full mesh body Omega compatible for 50L$
Not willing to shell out for outrageous prices for getting mesh. Altamura got you covered both male and female. limited-time offer stops on the 27. Yes you can wear slink shoes with this body.

[Image: PsX822O.png]

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Nice find!

Now I can go mesh too :P
[Image: WXO0v.gif]
just went there, the juliet one is 4999
"Quote the Raven, Never More"
You join the Altamura group 50L$. You pay 1L$ to the vendor and it gives you your 1L$ back and you get the body.

It still works I tested it.
ohh, nope didn't join group lol. my bad. Smile

will do that in a bit lol

thx for replying xxx
"Quote the Raven, Never More"
worked yayyy Smile
"Quote the Raven, Never More"
Little tip as I know someone bound to ask it:

Grab the sohpia dev kit just a bit further on from the group gifts, and rez it to ground, that will then allow you to grab all the scripts and note cards needed to apply your own skins and stuff.

You will also need to wear the skins hud too to get the skin to apply, but have to say, it's an awesome skin, Nice find MW Smile
"Quote the Raven, Never More"
(02-25-2019, 09:32 AM)xXravenXx Wrote:

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worked yayyy Smile


no romeo or juliet free body to find

I dont know where you saw this

this is what I see whem I follow the link from OP

[Image: o6h3y1.jpg]

[Image: 10ifb54.png]

That is strange I was there a couple hours ago and it still was there and working.
In group chat they say it's supposed to end on the 27th. There is indeed some fuckery going on. Here's the article where I got my information from. It's clearly the 25th here and not the 27th yet.

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