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Scrpts for a idea.
I had this Brilliant idea but can't find the scripts I need to make it all work together.

I am looking for a door script that has a timer and only opens with a password.
 and perhaps a sensor when the avatar enters the room the counter starts on the door.
Or something that would work in that manner.
For Opensim
And than I am looking for the same scripts but in C# for Unity.

I am willing to pay for these scripts.
Give me a price... Want 
Please be kind....Muhahahahahahahahahah.  I be a Poor Old Lady!

I have searched and searched.
I found a great password script for a door but no timer, I found a timer script that's awesome but its a Object that can not be added to the door and has a menu for timer to pick, I am looking for a 5 min timer to start when avatar enters the room, and when timer is up door can not be opened.

Is it possible to put pieces of each script together to make one functional script?

Thanks ahead of time.


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