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Meet and Greet
Hi all Goonz,

Big thank you to the vets and senior members in this community!

Also a very warm tiding to all the other newbz like myself!

I originally joined here to gather a wealth of knowledge and learn from prominent members. I've played SL for a long time, just wanting to know how to do more stuff, be more handy while im active on a sim for other users.

I'd like to start mesh modeling, either clothes or random odds and ends. Also learn some tech savvy techniques, its a steep learning curve when you're a filthy casual with most stuff such as blender, xml scripting, writing strings

I mostly just did a lot of html stuff back in the myspace hay days. Much love TOM -forever in our <3's

I really do appreciate all the work put in, and the team work and character shown here in this group to build scripts and programs from the ground up<3 Especially to the developers that are pushing into new grounds. I'm sure you almost want to cry sometimes while scripting and developing new/add-on software.

I admire the passion and time you put into your craft. I look up to that and have a lot of respect that you dont give up. 

I'd like to contribute here. Not just grab programs and run. 
Unfortunately my doods, I'm pretty basic at everything currently. but if i can help, i'll usually try.
Saw some good advice the other day to, read read read. that's the plan for now, plus continue to dabble outside this platform on a few programs to be a better creator.

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