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Linden Lab was Deleting residents questions about "Tilia" in the SL community forum
a Blog about how Linden Lab caught deleting residents' question about "Setting up Tilia account for all SL users"
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Blog :

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the Tilia thread :

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"Tilia takes over " thread :

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Thank you for sharing, Sam.

Truly outrageous behavior but somehow, not really surprising.
What pisses me off the most, is that they offered prepayment for the next period right before they came up with this new bullshit.
I bet that many people feel sorry that they payed, before this new idiocy poped up - I'm one of them. 

If they keep pushing people to do what they don't want to do, they will end up with another hundreds of empty sims and their "popularity" may dramatically drop again.

Personally, I don't like it and am considering reducing myself to "free user" A.S.A.P.
I hope we have a new viewer soon so I can export my stuff to another grid. I think I am done with SL
I am not a good builder! But I am an Awesome recycler!
I seriously don't see the issue here. You are making RL money, and you need to get that processed.
The same as you can't go to the bank and say "hey, I want to withdraw the money from my account" without any proof of identity. What is really bugging me are the fees for money transfers.
Everyone is bitching about "privacy" while at the same time everyone is hanging their asses, tits and cocks all around the internet, and posting images on facebook, instacrap and other shit.
Needless to say that every browsing session is monitored by fuck knows what. And people are whining about LL asking for a proof of identity?
- Hey mate, what is causing "stack heap collision" error?
- Probably four people in a threesome...
It's two issues: 1) LL went to the trouble to make a Tilia FAQ, which acquired many long and careful answers; the fact that someone from LL was removing answers rather undermines the whole point of the FAQ, and it certain looks like LL may be planning something shady re: the whole Tilia matter.

2) Tilia itself may charge a fee to xfer funds, so be it; we'll really know how that works out when Tilia is in place and doing what it does, but with no real idea as to how Tilia is as a company, all we really know is that Tilia was spun off from LL, and that's not much comfort.

The issue is less about privacy than it is about another way for LL to soak SL residents with tiny fees.  Here's the real question: will LL pay Tilia for services rendered to SL residents, or will Tilia pay LL for the privilege of processing all of SL's resident transactions?

Purenaughty's comment is worth consideration: I've not given OpenSim terribly much thought as a SERIOUS alternative to SL, but with these ongoing gaffs on the part of LL, how can I not?

The problems posed to DarkStorm by LL's pulling UDP should be a wake up call.

It should be a moment of personal evaluation:

Deprived of much of DarkStorm's power and seeing the ongoing problems that LL still poses, is there anyone in KGF who has NOT spent some quality time already and backed up their inventory?  You paid for it, and the way things are looking, you may not get to have much use of it for very much longer.

LL's going to shutter SL at some point in favor of Sansar -- that's a given, and that'll happen only if LL doesn't go down in flames from their own incredibly bad mishandling of their current, primary property, SecondLife.

The MOMENT there is a new viewer, DO use it to make sure you've secured/backed up your own inventory where possible.

Every following day will be a new day to learn a bit more about the new viewer and how to use it to KEEP the things you've purchased in SL.

EEmmerald's point is also a good one: perhaps it's time to stop giving money to LL -- become a free user, and stop supporting the double-dealing methodolgy of LL.

The choice is yours, but don't take too long in making it.  Granted, we don't know the time, but we definitely DO know that the clock is ticking.   dark mood
"...If only you could have seen what I've seen with your eyes." -- Roy Batty, Blade Runner (1982)
you are welcome [b]

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 and yes it aint surprising, i think LL hear residents out only when it comes to inworld projects like Bento and Animesh .. but when it comes to finances and money your feedback wont make a dent.

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  yes we're all looking forward and awaiting the new Viewer , as [b]

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 said it became about time now as things got fishy and challenging for us .

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, i think the whole scheme is for those new fees, Tilia came right after those business changes LL have planned recently.

[b][b][b][b][b]Btw here is the Town Hall Meeting video on youtube ... you can skip the waiting to the minute 35:30 [/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]


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[Image: Sam-fisher-Signature.png]
That was good to have, thank you again, Sam.

I saved a coy of this video in order to have some evidence and . . . honestly, it is so boring, no way to watch it in one shot.

I just want to share my thoughts here.

In order to have a "verified" PayPal account, in the country of my residence, I had to;
1.  Give them my bank account number, and verify that by paying some small amount of money to PayPal.
2.  Show them a copy of my ID.
3.  Give them my credit card number.
4.  Receive live phone call into my home telephone number (not cell phone allowed).  So, kind of like voice verification; do I sound like I look like on the ID, age, gender and so on.
5.  All the names, addresses and other info had to be identical to "one dot", on all those documents.

I definitely feel verified by PayPal and this alone should be sufficient to LL.

With that said, it seems to me that the changes will actually apply only to those who intend to take the cash out of SL.
I didn't watch that till the end, but it was stated clearly enough.
All together, it seems to me like a big storm in a little cup of water.

So, those who actually make a buck out of SL will be affected the most.  First by the 5% they have to pay already and second by providing detailed personal info.
Talking of not US citizens, driving license for example, comes with detailed address, photograph . . .

I think that LL should realize and acknowledge that they do not own SL.  The people who spend real money on a monthly basis have and always will have the last word.
Without them, SL will not exist at all.
Yes, I cannot emphasize this enough.  We put the bread on their table and bare with all the screwed up quality of SL as it is.  Consequently; "This is our land".  Smile
While your verification for your country and PayPal are quite strict, the US account setup is fairly easy and doesn't require any of that verification. All you need to do is either add a bank account or card to the account and an address. Done. Since PayPal verification isn't universal, it can't be relied on by LL.
LL did the whole send them a copy of me license and info. cause i guess  of the amount of funds i was making at the time. it was like a tax thing for them. i couldnt paypal my funds till i did it all. what a pain. !
I came to know about Tilia's facts and I am literally shocked. Omg

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