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Help for animation UUID
To answer Gilde's initial question, this used to be the case: in Darkstorm you could have made a notecard as an AO notecard with uuids and use it as your anumation overrider, and once that animation was actualy animating you you could have inpect you avi the normal way you would export any animation, open it and save it. However, that is no longer the case since darkstorm now exports even .animatn files at zero values. i do not know if Revelator has that AO feature yet, i do not wanna crowd Flagg's topic, il just wait for the update he mentions and then check again.

@ Armand... any change you can get to me dear in PM or here to tell me how that Key tool works? all it does for me is open a blank window... regardles when or what uuid i copy ... pretty please... sighs*
p.s. @ Gilde : SecondLife itself does NOT allow starting an animation from an UUID with any script. That is why all the furnitures have the animations inside them. Woud you believe creators would put them in if they could have script them only? So you really need to have an animation in your inventory to drag into the object you wanna animate for it to work. I do wish this would chnage, maybe it will but i think it has not yet changed...

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