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Question getting the files
I am able to save the files in .animan style off dark storm, since SL did the update with a new code. I am unable to change it to a bvh or anim file to upload because it has a "premature end of life". When I try to save a dance or animation now off ds it just completely kicks me off line.. every.. single.. time.. Anyone have any advice?
I could be wrong, but, I seem to remember reading on the forum, once you download as .animan, rename it on your computer as .anim or .bhv then use the cb viewer to upload it.

There are posts with replies from people that have asked similar questions previous.
I tried all files, it wont work, from every . crap you can imagine
i ripped animations before and it seems to be broken. i think the viewer needs to be updated. so DS is pretty useless when it comes to animations ripping right now.
With .bhv my viewer would crash too so i would always use .Animation and then use a CMD command to change all file in a folder to .Anim for upload to SL but ive been trying today since the update and whenever i save as .Animation all the files will always be 0 KB in size, ive tried making a pretend DS item too and saving that but same thing. everything i do the file comes back as 0 KB

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