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Animations for Beginners 123
Hello everyone,

I have seen many people asking about animations recently. Some people said that in the tutorials there is help. I was not able to find anything there, sorry. 
I found them easy to do so follow these steps and it should be easy for you.
[Image: 01e13da83d14ed5ecbb6edfa750db329.jpg]
I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any trouble.
hey, do you know how to possibly to export animations out as .bvh files?

I heard you can export them as anim files the if you import them back in opensim and then you can export them out again but as .bvh files.

would love to know more about it.

OpenSim should accept animatn (anim) as easily as it does .bvh files. If you have a mess of .animatn files, just rename the lot to *.anim and that should be fine for upload.
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