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Eight Avi-Glam Eyes
Eight Avi-Glam Eyes

Various eyes, from Avi-Glam's
Alluring, Ardor, Aurora, Dramatic and Horizon series

[Image: UXcdkuY.jpg]
AG Alluring Eyes Blu-Grn-Tan

[Image: 7kYXO3A.jpg]
AG Ardor Eyes Angel

AG Ardor Eyes Brown

[Image: 8EUBkVt.jpg]
AG Aurora Eyes Forest

AG Aurora Eyes Syrup

[Image: d8feDa9.jpg]
AG Dramatic Eyes Powder

AG Dramatic Eyes Sky

[Image: 6Mk7Al4.jpg]
AG Horizon Eyes Hazel

Concerning AG Horizon Hazel eyes: these eyes
are definitely from Avi-Glam, the work of Kendra
Parfort, and of the Horizon series; the sign does
not show them.  They are closest to the green
(circled) eyes, but are NOT green, being closer to
what we would call a Hazel eye, and I have named
this accordingly.

Share includes wearables for each eye and
the eye textures in TGA.


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"...If only you could have seen what I've seen with your eyes." -- Roy Batty, Blade Runner (1982)
Thank you so much.
My pleasure -- if I had not joined Kinggoon, I would never have learned of Avi-Glam or Euphoric eyes.
"...If only you could have seen what I've seen with your eyes." -- Roy Batty, Blade Runner (1982)
nice..thank you!!

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