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IKON (Triumph and Spectral) Eyes

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Any particular reason you are re-posting someone else's share? that's not how sharing works ...

& reading through your threads you know it ;p

I think the reason is the forum's name: Dead Links. That in-forum link (not a repost) goes to a share/post whose links are dead and therefore belong in this section, although I think it would have been preferable for aLLTHatecHoS to have used the report button with the original share/post to flag the admins that we've got a dead share that needs to be moved here.
"...If only you could have seen what I've seen with your eyes." -- Roy Batty, Blade Runner (1982)
Thanks Armand. Yes, I was reporting a dead link in the "Dead Link" forum. I should have used the report button. Thank you for the heads up. Catkillakitty, smh.
actually i don't even know were the dead threads go, it was in the mesh section that's how i found it ;p
thanks for teaching me about the report button Armand ! ill just hit that next time Smile

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