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Need help to identify
Big Grin 
Hi, I'm searching for this skin and hairbase with a beard, does anyone have the UUID? Or can you tell me who it is from? Thank you.  Wink
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT9PZPuqF43od1pJ0kvoer...a4YWzBEj&s]
the background says most of the time the name from the creator from the skin, the picture is to small to see it, 
maybe  you have a bigger photo? the beard and shaved hair are most of the times a applier
no idea, sorry but the skin look like straydog
Hi, imo, this skin is likely from VYC Homme, possibly ryan or dante -- try using search to see if we have those here (I know we have a few VYC Homme Skins already). Glide is correct in that the beard, hairbase and tattoo (pretty messy) are very likely from appliers. The teeth may be as well (they look oddly custom, being a band of white in the mouth, and at odds with what the skin already has). Special note: this is not Stray Dog, though it is stylistically similar in some ways; Stray Dog skins are made for mesh bodies exclusively and have NO teeth or tongue at all. This skin clearly has both, which could mean that it's a skin meant for a classic avatar body, making it pre-mesh or part of the increasingly smaller pool of recently made system skins. That would also explain why you could only get a bake file, as the fellow was not using a mesh head, and perhaps not even a mesh body -- but this is just a guess.
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