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A howdy and a question about Sims 4 and meshes. ;)
I don't actually play SL, but have spent a fair amount of time in it.  Tune  I actually recolor and convert meshes for The Sims 4 (free models and old Sims 2 meshes, mostly). With that being said.....

...and you can absolutely flame me. I'll understand. Flame/troll away.

I've been reading what I can from both the Sims and SL communities about object mesh conversion from game to game (even saw the Slox meshes someone ripped and shared here, lol), and how creators feel about it. There was a huge thread on Plurk a couple of years ago when LeoSims was converting SL objects and putting them behind his/her Patreon wall. Dust Bunny was yelling the loudest, and part of me does get it, but in another sense, I really don't care that much either. If a SL creator was to take one of my meager mesh conversions and insert it into Second Life I would probably feel some semblance of pride, y'know? There's been plenty of drama on the other side too from SL creators "borrowing" hair meshes from S3 and S4.

With that being said, I would never charge for anything I created, recolored, or converted. Share and share alike, as far as I'm concerned (which is, of course, the huge difference between the two makes a business out of paid content while the other doesn't).

My question being, is it even worth my time? Am I going to get hit with a bunch of DMCA notices? More importantly, if I were to ask some creators nicely to convert their meshes, am I going to get a whole lot of "fuck-off's"? Because despite my flippant attitude about the whole thing, I do believe its better to politely ask in the long run.

Thanks for your time y'all.
Welcome to the forum, you can find the Revelator viewer here:

[To see links please register here]

That's the viewer we use to grab things from SL. idk how things are taken from The Sims -- please understand this forum doesn't really cover that topic, except incidentally. Concerning creators in SL: some may give permission, some might not, but it's a gamble, as the moment you ask a creator in SL for permission to lift their object, you're just about admitting that you're going to use the copybot viewer (Revelator), which is an instantly (permanently) bannable offense in SL, and yes, that's for cause of DMCA. Since all of this is troublesome, we often don't bother with asking in the first place. It is also true that most people that share things in this forum also don't buy/sell what they share from SL, as sharing here isn't about the money. Hope some of this helps.
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